Technical help

Video not showing on the frame

Firstly, please confirm that the resolution of the video is 1080P 

If your video is still not showing on the frame, this means that there is an issue with the codec of your video. But do not worry, because we have the solution for you! Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to this video converter website:
  2. Section 1: Click on 'Open file' and upload video
  3. Section 2: Select ‘Video’ and select ‘Android’. Then for resolution, select 1024x600. Then in settings, make sure the video codec is H.264 / AVC and the audio codec is AAC. 
  4. Then click ‘Convert’.
  5. When conversion is complete, click ‘Download’.
  6. Upload the converted video on your frame. 
  7. Time to enjoy your video on the frame!

Video/photo appears stretched or squished

Firstly, please make sure your video/photo has a 1080P resolution with 9:16 aspect ratio or the specs above. If the video/photo you wish to upload is not 9:16 in aspect ratio, you can simply crop the video/photo using the edit function on your smartphone with just a few taps.

If your video/photo still appears stretched or squished, it is most likely in landscape orientation. Simply rotate the video/photo to the left using the edit function on your smartphone to change to vertical orientation and upload onto the frame again.